Topic: Presidents Behaving Badly: Lyndon Johnson's Extramarital.

By many accounts Lyndon Johnson was. Presidents Behaving Badly: Lyndon Johnson's. an angry Johnson ordered the Secret Service to install a.

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7 Biggest Presidential Sex Scandals In American History. Politics was never so icky. or interesting. The sex lives of our political leaders may have no bearing on their abilities to perform their jobs, but they sell a lot of newspapers and popular books.

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99 Fun Facts about U.S. Presidents | On one occasion, Secret Service agents had to stop his. most active extramarital sex life of any president.. Johnson was the first president to be.

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21 Shocking Facts About U.S. Presidents - BuzzFeed Which president once whipped out his junk. Andrew Johnson was slurring-level drunk. Secret Service agents reportedly had to stop his wife from.

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List of Presidents of the United States - Wikipedia List of Presidents of the United States. Andrew Johnson 1808–1875. President Presidency Subsequent service

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The 10 Juiciest Presidential Sex Scandals - BuzzFeed Brown became pregnant in 1950, prior to Johnson being in the White House, and gave birth to a son, Steven. Johnson purportedly set her up in an apartment for their trysts and gave her financial help.

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Secret Service Agents Perspective of U.S. Presidents-Truth. An insider's view from Secret Service agents assigned to protect the President and their families. The rumor reveals things that most people did not know.

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Lyndon B. Johnson | The White House In the 1960 campaign, Johnson, as John F. Kennedy’s running mate, was elected Vice President. On November 22, 1963, when Kennedy was assassinated, Johnson was sworn in as President.

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In the President`s Secret Service, by Ronald Kessler As president, Johnson had. Lady Bird caught him having sex on a. The above quotations are from In the President`s Secret Service, by Ronald Kessler.

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Our Leadership Team | Johnson & Johnson Our Leadership Team;. most current information made available by Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc. Contact Us with any. Vice President,.

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